Just Kill Us Now…Save Us…

So, this past weekend’s travels were the literal trip though literal Hell. I’ll post more when I can collect my thoughts. Roxie bucked and pouted and stood her ground like a petulent child – We literally broke down and refused to start OVER AND OVER AND OVER…Geeze

But we DID meet some AWESOME PEOPLE, and the weekend other than the travel part was totally perfect! So all is well…

Back Soon!



Oh Yeah! That Girl Can PARTY!

Humph. Funny things happen after you’re 60. You get an unwelcome shitload of mail from AARP, and sometimes when you laugh really hard, your body responds with its own way of saying “Ha ha!”, which isn’t really ‘funny’, but that’s how it is.

Day five of our 76 Westfalia. She lay down and died the first day, and we discovered the fresh air hoses were not clamped properly. At first, we had no clue what our problem was, but our VW Bible revealed the answer, and like trusty disciples, we ordered our part from Bus Depot, and had it shipped rush delivery. In the meantime, we cleverly fashioned a “MacGyver Solution” with a rubber hose and some duct tape, and rolled merrily along.

Today, we successfully re-installed our hoses, and traveled 23 miles out and 23 miles back from our home. We were SHOCKED to make it that far and back, and learned our top speed is 52 MPH.

Why in the bloody hell does the speedometer go up to 90 MPH? This is a cruel joke.

Anyway, the new part is installed (my first mechanical success), the mini-road trip did not culminate in disaster, and tonight, she hosted her first PARTY in forever! Miss Roxie served as the “Margarita Mobile” at a Neighbourhood BBQ, and she was a smashing success!

Welcome to Roxie’s World! She’s a little stiff, and a bit slow, but this old girl sure know how to PARTY!

Party on, Friends. Just remember to always carry those AAA cards and AARP cards with you when you go.

PS – I made that tire cover with a stencil I cut out and painted. Here’s hoping it holds up in the rain!



A beer can, a fishing lure, a dead mouse and some rolling papers

So Roxie has arrived…..And she’s every bit as gorgeous as we imagined! The wait was well worth it, and our patience has paid off. She arrived from Arizona by transport truck yesterday morning, and was off-loaded by two burly (and oddly affectionate) Russians. As excited as we were to first see her sitting proud and happy atop the transport, we were thrilled to hear the first rumble of her motor, and watch her slowly creep down the truck ramp, and roll out for the first time on the roads of Virginia.

Roxie’s body is meticulously restored. And upon opening the engine hatch, we observed a clean and shiny motor, which we would very soon learn we knew nothing about. There was a loose piece of flexible tubing rolling free within the compartment, but we just assumed it was some extra part of no consequence, and drove off merrily, with the tubing careening into the engine.

Not two miles down the road, we noted smoke pouring from the engine vents, and quickly deduced that the tubing we had ignored was an essential portion of the engine cooling system.

After reattaching what basically was the “aorta” of the engine (It had jostled off in transport), we proceeded to “detail” our new daughter.

As I mentioned, the van body is gorgeous. The interior has received every bit as much attention. There was just a very thin layer of “transport dust” that needed to be removed, in order to achieve perfection…

….Until, we found the “nest”. The “nest” was a here-to-fore undiscovered clump of grass that had been embedded in the bus since the late 70s.

And here is where we found a beer can, a fishing lure, a long-dead mouse, and an empty pack of Zig Zag rolling papers.

Thank you, Former Owner, for missing this little pocket of history. It means a lot for us to know the story of our new family member.

We know now, as we had hoped, that she partied and laughed. She was hopeful and optimistic casting her lures. She was happy and loved, and her karma is grand.

And a mouse gave up his last breath just to be with her.

That’s our take, anyway….



She’s On Her Way Home!

Hot, hot day in Arizona, and hot as hell here in Virginia as well. JP and I had yet another high-level discussion on how we are going to accept and enjoy a 1976 vehicle without air-conditioning in 2016. We’ve talked about this a lot. There doesn’t seem to be a good solution. You just can’t argue with science. Ice in our underwear is still our best solution. 


Waiting…and waiting….

Patience is an excellent virtue for an adoptive parent of a VW Van.  Old campers are variously described as lumbering, dawdling, puttering, and relentlessly stubborn. We are learning this lesson as we wait for the arrival of “Roxie”. She’ll be here when she gets here, but the wait seems interminable.image

Roxy…Waiting for Arrival